Wednesday, 13 July 2011

 i grew up,
 By seeing that smile,
By  hearing that loughing voice,
For so long,
 And so I got caught in the routine,
Of looking at that face everyday,
From behind the glass window,
Secretly wishing goodbye to the person,
As the time brought us further,
If only I could call out,
That name outloud,
And say good luck,
Maybe I could deliver the secret,
About how guilty I was,
When I said those words,
Cause it’s just slipped from this hypocrisy,
And now,
I lose that smile,
I can’t hear that voice,
He is just the silent   figure,
Who  walked passed me quietly,
With the steps sounded to me as,
Good bye to u too ..
Spontaneously written,

Monday, 9 May 2011

errr...Heart?i guess?

This heart can’t tell,
The truth or the lies,
The heart can’t tell,
Bad or nice,
It tells what it desires,
No matter what the price is,
The mind suffers,
But it remains there,
In the small crowded hideout,
Leaving it’s accountability,
To the tears that dropped,
Down onto the face,
 of the endless hope,
Wishing she never had that heart,
Her own heart that tears itself,
Into the pieces of despair.